What do you think of when you hear ”love”?

Hey there, magical people!

It’s raining so it’s the perfect atmosphere for me. I love this weather (as long as I’m staying in my room, my natural habitat, from which I only go out for food ) . Being all covered in fluffy blankets while hearing the drops tap on my window and drinking my tea IS LIFE .


Besides the fact that it makes me sleepy, I’m drawn into that what-the-fuck-am-I-doing-on-planet-earth mood . Yes, now it exists. So today (actually not only today) I was thinking about the overwhelming number of books, poems, even blog posts about love. Four letters, yet four hundred forms of it and four million ways to describe/express it.


I’m repeating the question from the title: What do you think of when you hear ”love”? For me, it’s the simple yet significant gestures: holding hands, making sure she/he got safe home, sharing your last sandwich and so on.

Love is very complex and flexible, it’s like Play Doh dough ! (I miss the times when my mom wouldn’t let me play with it because it was too messy). This metaphor, as silly as it sounds, is actually a good example.. I always thought that adapting your love to the other person’s needs and personality it’s crucial and the inability of it usually leads to break-ups. Even though the love is strong, it must be modeled, just like dough , to ”fit” your lover. And yes, this is about romantic relationships, because it differs from the love you carry for your family.


For example, one of you needs more attention, while the other is more independent and frequently needs more time alone. Oooor (ex boyfriend reference here) one of you HAS THE EMOTIONAL CAPACITY OF A POTATO (and this is an insult to potatoes) (no hate intended) and thinks that love ONLY exists because of some chemical reactions in our brains. How smart *ironic clap*. While the other one really seeks for many deeper meanings and discussions. Most probably, this relationship will be as demolished as the Twin Towers. (it’s just a joke, please, don’t take it seriously).

Speaking of break-ups , one of the main inspiration for those angry/sad songs and usually the main titles in the newspapers- we encounter them when our impression from our minds of that boy/girl is not confirmed by their actual personality/behavior, and that is the period after the first stage of the relationship(in the first stage eeeeeverything is perfect, you hold haaands, maybe post pics on Instagram and Facebook of how perfect you are). As we get used with those famous butterflies in the stomach, we start looking for the qualities we expect and want aaand need in that person. That’s the shitty stage, where your eyes become wider and wider to the things which don’t work out between you. And maybe when you agree with your close friends (if you have *cries* ) who saw that earlier.

Being 100% compatible is so unrealistic that you don’ t even find it in books. You’ll always have to communicate and make efforts, which -if your love is true- are not challenges. In one of my older posts I said that two people can get along even though they are different if they are open minded, but in the romantic way it’s more complicated. You don’t have to be twins, but there must be some similarities in how you see life . For example, It’s difficult to make it work between a triggered athetist and a very religious person. Yes, it’s true that opposites attract, but you know the saying ”different, yet still the same”.

In a way or another, every relationship is successful, because you always learn something. About yourself, or the kind of person you want.

It’s normal to allow yourself to grow up, so don’t be afraid to gain experience especially if you’re new into the ”world of dating”. Though don’t become a player. The world is full of that.

As I always say, be sure to become the best version of yourself ! ❤


Before we finish, let’s take a moment to appreciate this fluffy ball of cuteness!

Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts about it? What are your most notable experiences? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Stay magical

Stay yourself! ❤


Note: all the images are from Pinterest.

3 thoughts on “What do you think of when you hear ”love”?

  1. Love! Love! Love! It’s a wonderful feeling. What do I call love? I call it life. I call it God and I call it my hubby (blushing). It’s like the wind, you can’t see it but you feel it. Thanks for sharing. Keep writing. Never be scared to explore your potentials. All the best.


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