What this is all about…

Hey there, magical human beings!


As this is the very first blog post I’m writing , I’m actually both excited aaand kind of scared. How do I describe myself? Despite the title, I’m actually a 16 years old girl. Before the cringe covers all your opinion about me , I will explain why I’ve chosen this name. Except for the fact that i find it cute, I also think of teddy bears being those buddies who you used to cuddle with throughout the childhood, and whom you confessed your ”major” problems at that time. No matter how old you are, when you think of teddy bears you also think of a best-friend which you’ve had in your early years and of a comfort zone (especially physically, because let’s be serious, they’re sooo soft). And now you’re thinking ”Okay, and now what the fuck does that cheesy description of a toy have to do with this blog?”

Well, as I said earlier, teddy bears are a comfort zone, and so I want this site to be. For me and you. A place where you can share random things which are important to you and which maybe you don’t really want to talk about in real life. Basically I will discuss / rant/  about really random stuff, pretty much what comes in my mind. So that’s also what the tagline refers to.

Ok, so I don’t want my blog to be overly-dramatic and stuff, so this will also be a fun place, why not. I must warn you that even if I an sensitive INFP, my humor is pretty fucked up, let’s say.  For example, if you fall and break your leg in front of me I will help you and call the ambulance, but I will have difficulties in telling them what happened because of my maniac laugh.


I also consider writing some book reviews, because that’s an important thing to say especially in the beginning I’M A BOOKWORM-.  Nice to meet ya. Though I don’t want the reviews to be the main topic. Actually, there will be no ”main topic”.


What do I expect from this experience? To be honest, I just feel like doing the right thing when writing. I really have no expectations, it’s just a place where I can be myself and where, why not, meet other people online (be aware of the pedophiles, because I really feel like this blog’s title may attract some weirdos out there). But seriously speaking, if you choose to frequently visit my blog, then I will very much thank you.


I feel like writing more about me, but you’ll find out in the next posts (I will post whenever I have time, so i don’t have an exact schedule).

Stay magical

Stay yourself ❤

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